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  Ideas selected for implementation
List of Ideas selected for implementation
View DetailIdeas Reference NoReceiving DateSubject of IDEAContributor's NameContributor's Contact
SelectMP11141209Feb 1 2009 7:52:06:627PM baVjusV ij osclkbV cukdj fofHkUu dks"kksa dh LFkkiuk vkuUn izdk'k frokjh vyhjktiqj
SelectMP106431109Jan 31 2009 12:14:14:177PM lafonk 'kkyk f'k{kd oxZ 01 ,oa 02 ds laca/k esa fnis'k dqekj lequs fdjukiqj
SelectMP92628109Jan 28 2009 3:29:08:643PM Suggestion to generate 2500 crores p.a. revenue to state by amendment in co operative laws RADHESHYAM SOMANI INDORE 452018
SelectOS77825109Jan 25 2009 4:24:10:303PM Imparting awareness of employment news, career oppurtunities & Academic oppurtunities among students Achyuth Reddy HANAMKONDA
SelectMP76925109Jan 25 2009 1:14:39:467PM Idea For Fixation Of Date Of Pre - Technical Exam. ANSHUL RAI ITARSI
SelectMP60523109Jan 23 2009 12:34:13:757PM about recruitment of samvida shala shikshak ajay mishra rewa
SelectMP59723109Jan 23 2009 10:36:48:933AM To put a cheque drop box at bimonthly water-bill office of (PHE) jal-kar department ANAND SANT GWALIOR-474001
SelectMP52022109Jan 22 2009 4:36:18:953PM regarding the payments to the stakeholders sharad jain betul
SelectMP44121109Jan 21 2009 11:57:14:850PM state talent search scholarship for class 10th and 12th student anita ratlam
SelectMP37621109Jan 21 2009 1:16:04:830PM regarding job for doctor dr sandeep gupta gwalior